B Street Blues / Car Won’t Go

The Damage is Done

By NP Tiedemann
Lyrics NP Tiedemann, Dave Schaefer

You ask if you can drive my brand new car
I tell you yes babe but don’t go far
I’m here waitin’ for your return
Standin’ so long that I’m startin’ to burn
I find you’ve driven to another state
You say you didn’t mean to aggravate
Well, you’re three days gone
The Damage is Done

You treat me nice until I fall in love
Toss me aside like an orphaned glove
You cast your eye onto another face
Lookin’ for someone to take my place?
You start to flirt with every man you meet
Just understand, this is your critique;
Well you’re just no fun
The Damage is Done

You cause me so much pain I’m feelin’ weak
Venom flows every time you speak
Don’t always have to be your way
No matter what you say

Instrumental section

Sometimes your diatribes get pretty rough
I never knew that I had to be this tough
You criticize every move I make
Magnify my every mistake
Slice and dice me to the Nth degree
Look at the piece you took out of me
Cut me with your tongue
The Damage is Done

I’ve tried so long to glimpse inside your mind
Clouded memories fade away in time
Can’t even move out of your own way
Or do you have somethin’ more to say
Don’t realize (there’s) anyone else but you
It’s time that I decide just what to do
Well my heart’s on the run
The Damage is Done

Why do you push everything to the limit
In this life there’s more than just you in it
Can’t take any more of what you say
It’s over today

This game you’re playin’ don’t seem quite fair
You look right through me with that icy stare
Got no chance you start your drama scene
Rock and a hard place got me in between
Can’t worry about what you’re looking for
The game is over, I won’t play no more
OK, you’ve won
The Damage is Done