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    We've been asked for quite some time if we had a CD available for sale. We decided it would be a good idea to record a CD for those interested. In considering the project I felt it would be a good idea to have our first offering be a live CD; just us playing exactly as if we were playing in a club. I experimented by setting up a couple microphones and recording as we played various club dates. While the quality wasn't all that bad, the recordings didn't have the fidelity I was hoping for.

The expertise

    In January, 2005 I invested in some new recording equipment; a Digidesign Pro Tools system. For nearly the same money it would have cost us to book a conventional recording studio, we were able to purchase recording equipment that will enable us to record at will. All we needed was the time, and the expertise. A friend of mine, Rich Forziati was trained as a recording engineer. During his recording career he's worked several places; among them The Power Station, and The Hit Factory in New York City -- both world renowned recording studios. For his own reasons he left the recording industry after nearly a decade. Fortunately for me when I described the gear I was buying it excited him enough to agree to record us. Just the expertise we needed!

The time

    We still needed the time! With busy schedules and a guitarist away at school, it was difficult to schedule recording time. Our schedules finally converged and we managed to schedule some time the last weekend in February.

    We recorded a long session on a Saturday, February 26, 2005. We did at least two takes of each of six songs. We fully expected to record additional sessions but continuing schedule conflicts and time constraints made that impossible.

    When we were unable to put together another session by May, 2005, I felt it was time to mix the material we already had recorded and release it as a short CD. This is how B Street Blues Live came to be.

It's really "Live"!

    B Street Blues Live is just that, "Live". We set up in our rehearsal space on Bennet Street in Woburn, MA, put microphones on each of the instruments as if in a studio and played. Even the vocal on each of the songs was done along with the music; exactly as if we were performing in a club. What you hear on the CD is B Street Blues -- truly "Live".

The contents

    The CD features six songs all recorded on the same day. Three of the songs are original B Street Blues songs: Invertebrate Blues written by me, and Valentine's Day and Turn it Around both written by Ken Budka.

    The other three selections are songs we typically perform during a normal club date: Boom Boom by John Lee Hooker, Man of Many Words by Buddy Guy, and Sick and Tired by C. Kenner and D. Bartholomew.

More to come

    We do expect to do more recording as time goes by. Our next endeavor will probably be more of a standard studio type setting the way most recording is done these days.

    We truly hope you enjoy the CD, this short sampling of B Street Blues! All blues, all the time!


The CD cover

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